Partnership with Voxel Group (bavel)


Partnership with Voxel Group (baVel)
Theova UHS has entered into a cooperation agreement with VOXEL Media, S.L to promote baVel
electronic transactions and communication services in <st1:country-region w:st="on">Cyprus</st1:country-region>.

Voxel Group is at the present time, world leader in the implementation of electronic transaction systems 
in the hospitality and travel industries. This leadership is especially noticeable in <st1:country-region w:st="on">Spain</st1:country-region>, the second world
touristic destination, where 90% of Tour operators and more than 80% of the leading Hotel Chains
operate through the baVel network:
According to the agreement Theova has developed and setup Theova EDI Hub, an Electronic Data
Interchange platform which communicates seamlessly with baVel network .Hotels participating in both
baVel and Theova EDI Hub systems will take full advantage of e-billing services at the cost of baVel of
web billing schemes.
All Hotel invoicing data will be collected by Theova EDI Hub and will be delivered to baVel for invoice generation.