Officeware Work

In the early days Management of Workforce of an organization was just the need to prepare payslips or checks quickly and correctly. Today the fulfilment of the above requirement, although absolutely essential, is not enough. Personnel Management became a demanding process which cannot be carried out effectively without a complete system taking into account the full Human Resources activities.

Officeware Work is designed to offer a complete integrated approach to human resources & Payroll management software, utilizing the very best in technology to achieve immediate business benefits.
Officeware Work delivers Human Resources and Payroll functions in a single integrated system providing HR and payroll departments with an innovative software solution for effective workforce management.

HR facilities empower personnel departments to maintain electronically extensive data related to employees such as personal profile, education, skills, trainings, previous employment e.t.c.

HR module provides the means to monitor employment evolution from enrolment to employment termination  Employee assessment and appraisals history are available from a single source with all related documents electronically attached.

User defined leave schemes allow management to set unlimited entitlement rules and to evaluate employee absence and leave liability.

Payroll module is a truly rule-based system designed to meet any country specific labor rules and legislation regarding employee benefits, deductions and salary taxation. officeware payroll is by design always authorities compliant.

User configurable pay periods allow different pay frequencies (weekly, monthly e.t.c) in the same organization. Multi-division, multi-department, multi-location organizations are handled by the same system thus providing analytical or consolidated results for efficient payroll cost evaluation.

Absence, system enforced, reconciliation secures that payroll calculated if accurate and according to attendance business rules.

Different payment options (Check, cash or bank transfers) are provided making the payroll payment administration quick and efficient regardless the number of employees. Extensive management reporting provided offers full accountability, assessment and precise distribution of payroll cost.

Electronic filing requirements set by national insurance and tax authorities are managed by the system enabling complete compliance.

Officeware Work Highlights

  • Single source for employee HR related data
  • Complete employment history. (Appraisals, Reviews, Trainings e.t.c.
  • Electronic filing of employment related documents
  • Attendance management
  • Track of fixed assets assigned to employees
  • Rule-Based Payroll items and Taxation
  • Configurable Pay-Periods
  • Multiple dvisions, departments, cost centres and locations.
  • Employee loan management
  • Authorities electronic filing compliant