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Reservation Assistant Spa & Sports Software

In today‘s market, successful Spa Management is a great challenge. The optimum allocation of therapists and booking times, package administration, gift certificate management, a cashless economy, working out compensatory models, individual guest care, and so much more – everything requires information to be used carefully. The Reservation Assistant product suite equips you with the tools to master these challenges with ease. Your management becomes se

Call Accounting Software

Theova Call Accounting and billing system (TCA) is an efficient and reliable Call Accounting software package for monitoring and reporting telephony activity. TCA can be deployed in virtually any enterprise including hospitality, retail, services etc. Telephone costs are easily allocated to various departments, cost centers or individuals. TCA management solution monitors telephony costs and traffic, and highlights any misuse or fraud instantly. TCA monitors incoming

Readsoft Software

Automate your document processing with ReadSoft DOCUMENTS.


The check-in has never been so simple PassportScan increases operational performance at the Front Desk. Optical Character Recognition Technology reads data contained in ID documents within seconds. Ready for immediate exporting to your Property Management System or Interface .