Release Notes POS

Latest Version is 5.65.015

Version 5.65.012

  • 2661-Fast Payment on POS Touch Screen
  • General fixes

Version 5.65.009

  • 2634-Cancel Check. Do not delete the Ticket from Activity and move to Voids. Mark it as Deleted instead
  • 2640-Keep the Ticket Item Modifiers after the Ticket Settlement

Version 5.65.008

  • 2621-POS Sales. Allow Room Charges on third party PMS as Paid Out
  • 2628-POS Ticket. Show Quantity up to 5 digits
  • 2630-Taxes and Taxes by Area New. Validate against Taxes Template. Add option to copy Existing Tax Table into Template

Version 5.65.007

  • 2610-New Program for Split and Join Check

Version 5.65.006

  • 2625-Sales Touchscreen. Make the Room Button invisible for Non-Room Business Types
  • 2626-Fast Check Out. Print the First Ticket using the Default Settlement Code

Version 5.65.005

  • 2594-Shift Close on All POS for a Specific User
  • 2599-Option to Accept Sign In Code for Authorization
  • 2600-New Table Layout with More Tables
  • 2601-New Flag to Show Extra Tips and Total Line after VAT Analysis on Ticket
  • 2606-Ask for Authorization on Change Policy if the User has no Permissions
  • 2609-Show the Order User on Kitchen Order. Save the Order User, Date and Time on New Ordered Items
  • 2611-Modifiers. Fix Problem with Modifiers when Transferring or Joining Tables
  • 2614-New Flag in Authorizations, Allow Change POS
  • 2615-Audit Log. Add New Log Type for Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) Messages

Version 5.65.004

  • 2597-Accept Multiple Payment Methods
  • 2602-New Field Folio Description for Show in the Guest Folio
  • 2605-New Flag in Authorizations. Allow Void Saved Item

Version 5.65.002

  • 2583-Modifiers. Add Minimum Number of Modifiers
  • 2585-Option to Print a Ticket with the Voided Items
  • 2587-Kitchen Printer Mapping. Option for 5 Additional Printers and Availability by Time Period
  • 2588-X and Z Reading. Option to Skip Specific Settlement Codes
  • 2589-Authorizations. New Flag to Allow who can Close tickets
  • 2590-Auto-Close tickets at End of Day
  • 2591-Log the POS Authorizations
  • 2593-Do not ask for Void Notes if user Voids a New Item in a Ticket saved already
  • 2596-Additional Items. Print the Additional Items below the Normal Item

Version 5.65.001

  • 2577-Separate Flags for Print Room and Print Name on POS Ticket
  • - Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version 5.04.133

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version 5.04.128

  • Consolidate Changes
  • Other Minor Bug Fixes

Version 5.04.127

  • 2510-Sales Touch Screen Fast Check Out. Accept Time when we Close the Ticket
  • 2514-Selling Policies. Add new Flag, Room Required in Selling Policies. Do not allow to Save a Ticket if a Policy that requires a room is selected and the Room is empty. If the Policy selected is an All Inclusive Policy then the Guest must be All Inclusive Also. We will Also Accept Guests that are Defined as All Inclusive in Front Office
  • 2517-POS Sales. Add Time Range that the All Inclusive Policy is Valid. Do not Change Policy Automatically if the User selects one during this period. All Inclusive Guest Before or After the Specified Time Period. Change All Inclusive Policy based on Front Office All Inclusive Terms
  • 2518-Settlement Codes. Mark Settlements as All Inclusive and use them Only for AI Guests
  • 2521-Add a New Flag in POS Taxes Setup to indicate which line must be used as VAT
  • 2525-POS Touch Screen New Option to Sign In using Only the Numpad. Option to Exit After Every Print or Save to force a re-Login.
  • -2526-Change the page layout on all Reports in the Point of Sales in Order to Fit more Information.

Version 5.04.126

  • 2504-Move the Invoice Number in Log Invoice Number and not the Reference. Log the Split Check
  • 2505-POS Do Not Allow Join Tables with Different Status
  • 2506-Show Amount on Void Report for Transfer Table
  • 2507-POS Touch Screen. Record the Table Transfers in Audit Log

Version 5.04.125

  • 2497-New Drop Down in POS Setup to Select the Time Units for Timeout
  • 2498-Voids Table. Use Computer Date and Time to timestamp the Void Records
  • 2502-Open Items. Zero out the Prices for Complimentary Policies

Version 5.04.124

  • Allow the Change of Policy on Printed Tickets with Authorization
    • Sales Touchscreen
    • Sales Touchscreen PDA
  • Other Minor Bug Fixes

Version 5.04.121

  • Items can now be Marked as Inactive. Inactive Items will not Appear on Sales Screens.
  • Other Minor Bug Fixes